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With its unique ambience and visual appeal, The Orange Tree adds more bite to business lunches, more enjoyment to evenings out. The wide-ranging menu features prime steaks, classic salads and succulent seafood. It's an exquisite choice, supplemented by fabulous lunchtime specials, providing great value eating.

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Sample Dinner Menus - from Oct 2014

Download printable version of A-la-carte menu here (Adobe PDF)
Download printable version of Desert menu here (Adobe PDF)



A La Carte


Grazing and Sharing

Pulled pork chilli, homemade spiced nachos,
guacamole and sweetcorn sour cream 7.95/13.95

Pizzette, garlic, blush tomatoes,
parmesan and rocket 5.95

Mezze ; Harissa humus , cumin and ginger tzatziki,
pomegranate and watermelon salsa, beetroot,
carrot and feta salad with honey, chilli and
cumin dressing and onion seed flatbreads 12.95

Baked rustic breads, garlic confit,
marinated olives and extra virgin olive oil 5.95

Antipasti Board; cured meats, sweet and
sour cipollini onions, fregola, baby mozzarella,
moked pepper pesto, shaved parmesan,
air dried tomatoes and ciabatta toasts 14.95

Camembert, rosemary, smoked sea salt,
beetroot ketchup and truffle oil crostini 11.95 

Starters and salads

Freshly made soup 4.45

Salmon Tataki, mooli, carrot, pickled ginger, ponzu,
wasabi, lime and coriander 6.95/12.95

Super food salad, baby spinach, grapefruit, beetroot, orange,
edamame beans, pea shoots honey dukkah and pomegranate 6.95/11.95

add preserved lemon chicken or seared salmon 2.50

Grilled gambas, butterbean and smoked paprika puree, crispy chorizo,
rocket and chilli oil 8.95

Tomato tarte tatin, beetroot Waldorf salad with gorgonzola dressing 6.95

Crispy pork belly, iceberg, watercress, radish, carrots, and beansprouts,
sweet ginger and plum dressing, toasted sesame and peanuts 6.95/12.95

BBQ baby back ribs, watermelon, ginger, spring onions and chilli 7.95/12.95

Heirloom tomatoes, avocado, boccannici, rucola, salsa verde and herb crumb
Melon, feta, chargrilled peaches, rocket, pistachios, honey
and truffle oil dressing  6.95
add sliced prosciutto 1.50


Hoof + Fin

Homemade steak burger, toasted brioche bun,
pickles, tomato relish and fries 12.95
Add coppa Ham 1.00
Add smoked cheddar 1.00
Add chilli pulled pork 2.00

Chargrilled flat iron steak, braised spinach,
peppercorn sauce, sweet potato fries with
Applewood cheddar 13.95

Purity battered British coastal fish, crushed
minted peas, homemade tartar sauce and fries 13.95

Salmon fishcakes, capers, parsley and dill,
mache, lemon hollandaise and fries 13.95

Grilled rib eye, chargrilled sweetcorn
and jalapeno salsa, watercress and fries 21.95

Veal saltimbocca, masala jus, lemon gremolata
and parmesan mash 15.95

Sticky beef ribs, tamarind and soy,
steamed fragrant rice, pak choi, cucumber and sesame salad 16.95


Feather + Fur

Tandoori chicken burger with smashed avocado,
raita & mango, mustard seed chutney and fries 12.95

Rabbit and guinea fowl pie, spinach, leeks
and cider, English mustard and chive mash 14.95

Rotisserie chicken with piri piri sauce,
sticky chipotle barbeque or preserved lemon
and roast garlic aioli served with summer slaw
and fries 13.95



Fennel, pear, pomegranate and feta salad 3.95

Cabbage, leeks and peas with minted butter 2.95

Skin on fries, sea salt 2.95

Pesto green beans 2.95

Spinach with chilli and pine nuts 3.95

Sweet potato fries, Cajun dust and sour cream 4.50

Heirloom tomato, rocket and red onion salad

balsamic and olive oil 2.95

Carrots, cumin and honey 2.95

Rocket, parmesan and balsamic salad 2.95 

Flour and grains

Linguine, crab, prawns, chorizo, tomato, chilli and white wine 7.95/13.95

Bucatini, fennel sausage, goat’s cheese, rocket and smoked paprika and red pepper pesto
vegetarian without sausage 6.95/12.95

Hippy burger, quinoa, edamame bean and chilli pattie, pickles, crushed avocado, sweetcorn and jalapeno salsa and sweet potato fries 12.95

Risotto of the day -  See Specials

Tagliatelle Bolognaise beef, pork and red wine ragu parmesan and garlic crumb 5.95/11.95

Pizza Piccante - chorizo, pepperoni, green chillies and mozzarella 10.95

Pizza Fumoso - tomato, smoked bacon, mozzarella, scamorza and oregano 10.95

Pizza Margherita - tomato, blush tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and oregano 7.95

Pizza Giardiniera - tomato, mozzarella, leeks, peppers, mushroom, peas and olives  8.95

Pizza Capricciosa - tomato, ham, salami, artichokes, mozzarella and mushrooms 10.95

Pizza Formaggio - mascarpone, dolcelatte, goat’s cheese, parmesan, pear and rosemary 10.95

Pizza Mexicana – chilli pulled pork, red onions, jalapenos and sweetcorn sour cream 11.95

Pizza Nicoise – tomato, tuna, olives, anchovies, egg and rocket 11.95

Extras: pepperoni, leeks, chorizo, smoked bacon, mushrooms, olives, jalapenos all 1.00 each


Dessert Menu


Rhubarb and vanilla panna
cotta trifle 5.95

Plum and frangipane tart
with clotted cream 5.95

Flourless chocolate and sour
cherry cake, mascarpone
and raspberries 5.95

Brown sugar Pavlova, rose yoghurt
and crème fraiche, spiced oranges
and pistachios 5.95

Waffle, banana, toffee sauce
and chocolate ice cream 5.25 


Tiramisu mascarpone and
coffee ice cream, amaretto biscuit,
warm espresso and bitter
chocolate shavings  6.95

Neapolitan - Strawberry, chocolate,
vanilla ice cream, candied cherries
and pecans 6.95

Eton mess, strawberries, meringues,
lemon curd and vanilla ice cream 6.95

Cookies and cream –
Clotted cream ice cream, cookies
and chocolate fudge sauce 6.95  

Hot Drinks

Filter coffee (mug) 2.10

Americano 2.35

Espresso 1.95/2.35

Cappuccino  2.35

Caffe latte  2.35

Flat white  2.35

Breakfast tea  1.95

Earl grey tea 2.10

Fresh mint tea 2.10

Fruit tea 2.10

Hot chocolate and marshmallows 2.45




3 for 7.95 or 5 for 12.95 to share.

Gorgonzola Dolce - Italian cow’s milk,
blue veined and soft

Cornish Yarg - Cow’s milk wrapped in
nettle leaves, crumbly and semi hard

Berkswell - Ewe’s milk, rich,
sweet and nutty

Brillat-Savarin - Normandy white crusted
cow’s milk, triple cream brie

Colston Bassett Stilton
English pasteurised whole cow’s milk,
a subtle salty twang 

Coffee Liqueurs

Frangelico Coffee - add a bit
of hazelnut and vanilla to your life 5.75

Colonial Coffee - Cognac,
whipped cream and cinnamon 5.25

Jamaican Coffee - Tia Maria,
white rum and coffee 5.25

Jameson’s Irish Coffee - Jameson’s
whiskey and whipped cream 5.25

Baileys Irish Coffee - Baileys
Irish cream liquor 5.25

La Mumba - Sailor Jerry’s rum
and hot chocolate 5.75 

Dessert and Fortified wines

Moscatel de Setubal, Portugal
50ml 3.00 - 750ml 28.00

'The Stump Jump',Sticky Chardonnay, Australia
50ml 3.50 - 375ml 20.00

Zuccardi Reserva Torrentes, Tardio, Argentina
50ml 4.00 - 375ml 22.95

Valdivieso ‘Eclat’ Botrytis Semillon, Chile
50ml 4.10 - 375ml 24.00

Taylors Late Bottled Vintage Port, Portugal
50ml 4.00 - 750ml 33.00


Fixed Prices

Fixed Price Menu + Glass of Wine
1 Courses £10.95, 2 Courses £12.95
Available Monday to Friday lunches and Monday to Thursday evenings 6-7PM


Noon - 2.30pm
6.00pm - 7.00pm
Including take away pizzas

Excluding Bank Holidays


Look out for our daily specials.


An optional service charge of 10% will be added for parties of 6 or more. All tips are kept by our team. All items may contain nuts or nut derivatives. Please make staff aware of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.




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